With the release of recent new dietary guidelines, the U.S. government has emphasized the importance of reduced sugar intake for Americans. In light of the increasing obesity epidemic in the nation, the government has urged consumers and food manufacturers alike to look for ways to reduce sugar intake. The Dannon group, who manufacturer a variety of yogurt brands including Activia, Dannon, and Oikos, confirmed in a press release by their executives this past week (14/July/2016) that they plan to reduce the sugar content of their yogurt products.

The U.S. government in the guidelines released in January encouraged consumption of healthful dairy foods. Yogurt has become an increasingly popular food amongst Americans, with yogurt sales continuing to steadily increase over the past decade. Due to concerns regarding the sugar content of this popular dairy food, yogurt manufacturers had already begun to reduce the sugar in some of their products. Dannon for instance had reduced sugar content to 23 grams of less per 6oz serving for many of their yogurts. The plan moving forward is for further reduction of at least an additional 3 grams per 6oz serving, in order to meet advisements made by the American Heart Association. In related changes, look also for Dannon and other yogurt manufacturers to utilize more natural-based sugar options and non-GMO based sugar options. For more detail see the following link

Source: FOX NEWS