Weight Loss Diet Coaching with a Registered Dietitian

In a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, scientific director Corrine Voils found participants receiving post weight loss diet coaching with Registered Dietitians were more successful at maintaining their weight loss.  222 participants were randomly selected to receive regular post weight loss coaching from Registered Dietitians or left to fend for themselves post weight loss.  Voils said previous research has demonstrated that people can more successfully maintain their weight loss if they are taught specific behavioral skills.  Over a 42-week period researchers chose a variety of topics related to weight maintenance and reinforced these with the randomly selected post weight loss participants.

The coaching by Registered Dietitians covered four major themes for weight maintenance: weighing oneself regularly, having a plan for parties or eating out, finding support for healthy habits from a friend or family member, and making a list of the benefits they had experienced from their weight loss.   Dieters who received the coaching with a Registered Dietitian had only regained approximately a pound and half, on average, one year after their initial weight loss, Voils reported.  In contrast, the dieters who received no follow-up coaching regained approximately 5 pounds one year after their initial weight loss. This study highlights the benefits of nutritional coaching by a Registered Dietitian during the weight maintenance phase in a diet program, such as our STEP 3 maintenance phase in the 3STEPDIET Program, to maintain weight loss.

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Sources:  Corrine Voils, Ph.D., scientific director, Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research Program, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison; Donald Hensrud, M.D., editor, “The Mayo Clinic Diet,” and director, Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, Rochester, Minn.; Feb. 21, 2017, Annals of Internal Medicine.